Do not miss this opportunity to train with   one of the world's most experienced Instructors in Krav Maga !
  • Have you ever wanted to develop your personal protection skills?
  • Have you ever wanted to experience Krav Maga at the highest level available in the world?
  • Have you ever wanted to be trained by one of the most experienced Krav Maga Instructor in the world?
  • Do you want to improve your krav Maga, and learn skills and tactics that will take you to the next level?
Be taught by Expert Level 4 Franklyn Hartkamp
in this MASTER CLASS in Krav Maga!
Public Transport!
Do you know how defend yourself whilst travelling on private transport?
Krav Maga has been designed to function in any environment - and this includes in trains, buses or planes. This Master Class will focus on the tactics and skills that you will learn to protect yourself when you are travelling on Public Transport. 

Whether you need to the skills for your job or you just want to feel more capable of defending your loved ones, this Master Class is for you.
This Master Class will ...
  • Teach you the skills needed to protect yourself or loved ones whilst travelling on public transport!
  • Improve your ability to make the best decisions under the stress of a violent confrontation
  • Increase your understanding of the principles of Krav Maga and how it makes you safer
Franklyn Hartkemp,
Expert Level 4
Krav Maga Global Instructor

"...Every time I have trained with Franklyn, I go away better then I was before I trained. Also in the ten years I know him, he wants the best for all his students..."
Adam White
Expert Level 3
KMG Instructor
Sven Midri
Expert Level 2
KMG Instructor
"....I have had the rare opportunity to train with Franklyn and he definitely knows his Krav Maga. He also is a super friendly person who has time for everyone he meets ...."
Seminar Details
Saturday 14th July 2018
Public Transport Seminar! - 1pm to 4pm
KMG Members
Master Class - $67
KMG Non - Members
Master Class - $77
Krav Maga Self Defence
Unit G15 2a Victoria Avenue, Castle Hill
Do not miss this unique opportunity!
Spots will be LIMITED, so be quick to secure your place at this event! 
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